5 Pre-Wedding Shoot Place In Kolkata

pre wedding shoot

“Pre-wedding shoot”- a newer concept to capture memories before you get married. The courtship period is one of the most wonderful periods for a couple. You get to know each other better and take steps forward wedding.

Whenever you think of the pre-wedding shoot the first thing that comes to mind is a different destination may be away from the place you live. If you are in Kolkata then you don’t have to travel to a far destination for your pre-wedding shoot.

Kolkata has some wonderful locations which will not hit hard on your pocket but give a great background. To make it easy here we have listed down our top 5 picks that we always suggest to our clients for their pre-wedding shoot. And now you can finally get your shoot done in peace.

Do your it here in Kolkata

pre-wedding shoot

Princep Ghat for Pre-Wedding Shoot

If you are from Kolkata then you must know that Princep Ghat is the most popular location for all couple who wishes to enjoy by the river, and have snack Kolkata street food. Along with that it also makes a great Pre Wedding Shoot Location. You will get the perfect lights, the beautiful River Ganga at the back and the architectural benefits of the Ghat itself.

It is ideal for couples who want to keep it casual yet special. You can also take a boat trip into the Ganga river which will elevate the chances to get great couple pictures. Get your photographer, get some small lights can that’s it. For a complete pre-wedding shoot package you can always reach us.

Pre-wedding shoot

Botanical Garden for Pre-Wedding Shoot

One of the most beautiful places in Howrah which is very close to Kolkata. It offers you a lush green canvas at the back and you can click great pictures with your partner. Some part of the garden also has a river view which adds to many backgrounds for photographs that it offers. It is a huge garden that you will not get bored of taking pictures. The best part of shooting at the Botanical Garden is that you can go at any time, this place never looks crowded.

pre-wedding shoot

Rabindra Sarovar for Pre-Wedding Shoot

Another favourite of all the people of Kolkata is Rabindra Sarovar Lake. Many of you know it as Lake. Without going too far you can get your pre-wedding shoot done here. The beautiful array of huge trees and the widely spread lake make it a great place to shoot. You will find the lake very crowded in the early morning. We suggest you go there after 8p to get an empty background.

pre-wedding shoot

Elliot Park for Pre-Wedding Shoot

Many of you know this place but do not consider it as a place to do your pre-wedding shoot. Well, I must say that you can find trees and greens in many of the other locations that we have shared here. But the best part of Elliot Park is that it is mostly empty. There are benches to sit over there and you can use it to click pictures. Another interesting fact is that Elliot Park is just beside the Victoria Memorial which is another great location for pre-wedding shoots. You can use both locations for wonderful pictures.

pre-wedding shoot

Bawali Rajbari for Pre-Wedding Shoot

If your shoot is traditional Bengali culture then we suggest visiting Bawali Rajbari. You need to get permission before shooting over there. We can help you take that if you get our Pre-Wedding Shoot Package. This is one of the palaces that holds the traditional Bengali architecture. You can use their balconies, and stairs to click wonderful pictures. When you are planning something very romantic, elegant and royal you must check out Bawali Rajbari.

The Bottom Line

A pre-wedding shoot is a pretty new thing but it is fun and captures beautiful memories. Lock your lovely moments in frames at Kolkata. You can always reach out to us for any assistance on pre-wedding shoots, wedding planning, receptions, and other events. Best wishes for you and your life.

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